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Rick Kaminski, Better Known As 'Rick The Peanut Guy' Passes Away At 67

There are times where everything else happening in the sporting world seems insignificant -- small blips in the scheme of it all. This is one of those times. Rick Kaminski, better known to Seattle Mariners fans, Kingdome and Safeco Field patrons as "Rick the Peanut Guy," has passed away from complications due to a brain aneurysm. Kaminski was 67.

If you've ever been to a Mariners game, you know Rick the Peanut Guy. His antics were entertaining and added to the game experience. From behind the back tosses to lasers from a section away, Rick always dazzled. Throwing peanuts wasn't a job, it was a form of entertainment for Kaminski.

But Kaminski wasn't just a guy throwing peanuts at Mariners' games. His involvement in the community was ever-present, from charity events and fundraisers to speaking engagements at local schools. He would show up, "perform" his typical peanut tossing routine and bring joy to youngsters growing up in the area, from Kent to Seattle and beyond.

Kaminski, like Mariners broadcast Dave Niehaus, who passed away in November, was a fixture at Mariners games, from the franchise beginnings until now. He was as beloved as I've ever seen a vendor be, and baseball at Safeco Field won't be the same without him.