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2011 NFL Training Camp Start Dates: Seattle Seahawks Set To Open Camp On Wednesday

The NFL lockout is finally over, allowing us all to get on with our lives and get back to focusing on football. But with the end of the lockout comes an incredibly accelerated schedule, with free agency set to begin as soon as Monday and training camps set to open as early as Wednesday. For the next week or so, it's going to be a wild ride as teams quickly sign free agents to round-out rosters while beginning training camp in preparation for a 2011 NFL season that will begin on time.

The Seattle Seahawks will be one of the first teams to open training camp, with a start day tentatively scheduled for Wednesday. As soon as word begin to trickle out that the lockout was coming to a close on Monday, the focus shifted, and schedules were released. Below is what we know as of now, though the dates are subject to change in what's been a very fluid situation (via Matt Pomeroy of NFL Network).

Teams starting camp Wednesday: Broncos, Cardinals, Cowboys, Chargers, Eagles, Jaguars, Patriots, Raiders, Ravens, Seahawks
Teams starting Training Camp Thursday: 49ers, Bengals, Buccaneers, Chiefs, Dolphins, Falcons, Lions, Redskins, Saints, Steelers
Teams Starting Camp Friday: Bears, Bills, Browns, Colts, Giants, Packers, Panthers, Rams, Titans, Vikings
Teams Starting Training Camp Sunday: Jets & Texans

As usual, the Seahawks will open camp at the VMAC in Renton, making setup and preparations for the arrival of the players much easier than that of teams who travel away from team headquarters for the preseason. The preseason schedule will also go on as scheduled, with only the Hall of Fame Game canceled.

For the latest of the Seahawks training camp, stay with this StoryStream. Be sure to head over to Field Gulls for all things Seahawks in this wild time of uncertainty.