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VIDEO: Kasey Kahne Involved In Scary Dirt Track Crash

NASCAR is off this week and Enumclaw's Kasey Kahne headed to the dirt track to occupy his time. It's a decision that nearly cost him dearly as Kahne was involved in a scary wreck on Friday night that sent his car flying out of the friendly confines of the track and somersaulting some 30 feet. Kahne and another driver appeared to touch while drifting around the corner, sending his car flipping over the fence and out of the track.

To say it looked bad would be putting it mildly. Kahne's car vaulted into the air and out of the frame incredibly fast, making it appear the crash was worse than it actually was. To be clear, the situation could've been much, much worse, but Kahne made it out unscathed, and jogged back to the track to give the 'ok' signal moments later.

Here is the video of the crash, taken by the York Daily Record and passed along by Jeff Gluck. Keep an eye on the turn at the top of the screen.

Goodness me. Thankfully everyone was all right, but that was one of the worst crashes I've seen in a while