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David Salinas Investigation Includes Mark Few, Ray Giacoletti

When Houston businessman David Salinas was found dead of an apparent suicide attempt, questions about his business transactions began to arise, and two local coaches are involved. Salinas was both a youth basketball coach and investor, taking money from college coaches from around the country and, apparently, swindling them in a scheme that resembles that of the one executed by Bernie Madoff. It's a hairy situation, compounded by Salinas' involvement with high school recruits.

Enter Mark Few and Ray Giacoletti, both of Gonzaga fame. The two are on a list of head coaches who invested with Salinas that includes some big names and big dollar figures.

According to, Gillispie's invested $2.3 million in the scheme while Olson invested $1.17 million, Drew' invested $621,000 and Few invested $353,000.

The issue here is two-pronged. On one hand, Salinas was being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission at the time of his death. The SEC was looking into claims that his investment business was fraudulent, and that he may have taken his investors, including numerous college head coaches, for millions.

The NCAA could also jump into the mix, opening an investigation of its own. Because Salinas was in a position to steer recruits as the head coach of a Houston area AAU team, college coaches investing large sums of money with him would seem to cause a conflict of interest.

SB Nation's The Slipper Still Fits took a look at the list of Salinas' investors and players to come from his program, drawing connections between the two in a handy table. You'll notice Demetri Goodsen, a former Gonzaga point guard turned Texas A&M football player, is at the top of the list.

The story is still developing, but it could bring about a major investigation that shines a light on the seedy underbelly of college recruiting and the AAU circuit.

For the latest on Salinas' connection to Gonzaga, head over to The Slipper Still Fits.