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USA Vs. Japan Score, Women's World Cup Live: Hope Solo Concedes Goal After Defensive Miscue

After the jubilation of Alex Morgan's second half goal, the USA has been brought back down to Earth, and it was a defensive miscue that left Hope Solo in an impossible position. Rachel Buehler was unable to clear a cross as she fell down in the box, leaving a mess in front of the net as the US and Japan battled for the loose ball. It was Japan, however, that was in the right place at the right time, beating Solo to the net to level the score at one goal apiece.

Suddenly, we're back to an even game, and all it took was a shaky play in defense. The US back-line has been hit-or-miss throughout the Women's World Cup, and the Japan goal was just another example of it. Though the American side has dominated the run of play throughout, narrowly missing numerous times, we're back to level on a counter.

With just a few minutes to go in the second half, the USA and Japan are tied, 1-1. If the game is still level after regulation, we'll head to 30 minutes of extra time. If it's still level, it will be a penalty shootout again for the USA.

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