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Hope Solo Gives Perfect Answer To Question About Confidence In Women's World Cup

The USA has an air about it in the Women's World Cup. There's something about this team -- a confidence, a cockiness -- that has been on display throughout the tournament. No matter the odds, the US Women's National Team continues to come through in a big way when it matters most -- be it in the 122nd minute against Brazil or the 80th minute against France in the Women's World Cup semifinal. And listening to the team members, including Hope Solo, talk, it's clear they know this can be a special tournament for the USA.

Solo talked to Dave "Softy" Mahler earlier this week, discussing how she felt it was the destiny of this team to win the Women's World Cup. She showed a confidence about her in the interview, saying she never doubted they would top Brazil, even when they were trailing late in extra time. She ended the interview by telling Mahler she'd be "bringing home the cup" by the time all was said and done.

On Wednesday, the USA did it again, hammer home two goals in quick succession with just 10 minutes to go and the score tied against France. After the match, Solo talked about the win and where her team's confidence comes from. This quote, via Michael Felder, sums it up.

"Confidence comes from our preparation and because we know we're damn good"

And they are damn good. Anyone that's watched the US Women's National Team in the World Cup knows it. They have the ability to flip a switch and suddenly dominate, no matter the odds. They've battled twice in consecutive matches in the knockout round. Solo has been outstanding, Abby Wambach is alive and dominant, and the USA has a not-so-quiet confidence.

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