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Women's World Cup 2011, USA Vs. France Score: Hope Solo Concedes Early Second Half Goal

France was pressing early in the second half and it paid off as a floated cross confused Hope Solo, resulting in the game-typing goal. It was Sonia Bompastor sending an early cross in from the wing to the back post, leaving Solo in no-man's land just a few minutes into the second half. The French side has been dominating possession throughout the game, and continued to do so early in the second, leading up to Bompastor's goal.

Solo had been outstanding, but the goal was a bit of a miscue. It was almost as if she expected a French attacker to get a head or foot on Bompastor's cross, but when it never came she was in a poor position. Once again, the USA finds itself in a difficult position, facing a France team firing on all cylinders at the moment.

Lauren Cheney scored first, giving the USA the early advantage with a ninth minute goal. France has looked shaky at times in the back, but has the USA has been unable to control possession in the midfield, leading to plenty of French attacks and resulting in Bompastor's goal. As the second half progresses, the midfield is a battle to watch, and the USA has to do better when linking passes through the area.

In the 60th minute, the USA and France are tied in the Women's World Cup semifinals, 1-1.

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