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Klay Thompson, Michael Beasley Representing The League In Seattle NBA Charity Game

Two more additions to the rosters of the Hoops 206 NBA charity game in Seattle were announced on Tuesday, following the announcement of the Seattle roster. This time around, it's players set to join The League team in what's been billed as a matchup pitting Seattle against all-comers. One player hails from Washington State University and was just drafted early in the 2011 NBA Draft while the other brings a bit of a colorful side to the game, to say the least.

Here's the announcement, from H206Game on Twitter.

Announcing TWO players on the "League" team at #h206: Klay Thompson and Michael Beasley.

There's a blatantly obvious marijuana joke here, but we'll leave it alone. Just know Thompson was arrest for marijuana possession while at Washington State and Beasley ... well, Beasley has been involved in more than a few marijuana-related arrests, including one just a few weeks ago.

This creates a fun heroes vs. villains dynamic to the Hoops 206 Game. On one side you have a group of local heroes from the city of Seattle, including Brandon Roy and Isaiah Thomas. On the other you have a player from a rival school, Thompson, and Beasley, as well as whomever else is announced in the coming days.

All in all, it looks like a fun matchup, all for a great cause. For more information on tickets, check out this link.