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2011 MLB All-Star Game Rosters: Felix Hernandez Replaced By Ricky Romero

Because he pitched on Sunday, Felix Hernandez is ineligible to pitch in the 2011 MLB All-Star Game, forcing yet another shift in the American League roster. Earlier on Sunday, Michael Pineda was added to the American League team, replacing Justin Verlander. Now, Hernandez is out, to be replaced by Jon Lester. Ricky Romero

The news comes from WEEI on Twitter.

Lester takes place of Felix Hernandez, who pitched today and is therefore ineligible.

Ricky Romero will actually replace Hernandez. WEEI was incorrect with its tweet. Here's Greg Johns with the explanation.

Lester was next in line, but he's on DL. So Romero was next. RT : @ weird...WEEI reported Lester was chosen for Felix.

While it's probably for the best, you can also bet Hernandez wants to play. Typically, major league pitchers get work in at the mid-point between starts, either on the second or third day of rest. In that regard, it's a bit odd he wouldn't be able to throw an inning in the All-Star game, but those are, apparently, the rules.

For the Mariners, Brandon League and Pineda will participate, with Hernandez as an All-Star in name only. It's yet unknown if he'll make the trip, though that seems like the kind of thing he'd want to do. The rosters are set yet, either, and more players could be added as Sunday progresses, especially pitchers.

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