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2011 Women's World Cup, USA Vs. Brazil: Hope Solo Put In The Book, Brazil Draws Even

Hope Solo is under-fire, with the Brazilian attack bearing down on the United States early in the second half. The American side had been clinging to a one-goal lead, brought about by an own-goal just over a minute into Sunday's Women's World Cup quarterfinal match. Ever since, Brazil has been pushing forward, with the United States attack almost non-existent, especially in the second half.

But with Hope Solo in net, the USA has been in good hands. Twice in consecutive minutes, Solo made big saves to prevent an equalizing goal from Brazil. A shot from distance, hit on a rope to a dangerous position, was saved by Solo at full extension, keeping the Brazilian side off the scoreboard. Though the US defense has been shaky, Solo has been consistent.

In the 67th minute, however, Rachel Buehler conceded a penalty kick, getting sent off in the process as the rest gave her a red card. Solo stone-walled the first save, diving to her left to stop the penalty. But in the ensuing chaos, the AR ruled Solo was off her line -- she clearly was not, moving only laterally just before the ball was struck -- and gave Brazil a second chance. Solo was put in the book, Marta converted and the game was drawn level.

The US is down to 10 players and the score is tied in the 70th minute after a horrific judgment call from the AR. With just 20 minutes to go in regulation, it's a 1-1 game in Germany.

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