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Dustin Ackley Injury Just Bruised Ribs, Shouldn't Be Serious

Dustin Ackley was left out of the Seattle Mariners lineup on Friday, leaving many wondering why the rookie second baseman was kept on the bench after an off day. We got our answer a short time later as Mariners manager Eric Wedge told reporters Ackley came down with a case of bruised ribs and will receive an extra day of rest because of the soreness.

Though any injury to Ackley is of concern to Mariners fans, Wedge did his best to quell fears when discussing his status (via Ryan Divish).

Ackley has bruised ribs. Nothing serious Wedge said.. Wedge said Ackley wasn't sure how he did it but could feel it after he finished his swings

It's unclear how long Ackley will sit, but it may not be longer than one game. Bruised ribs are a pain tolerance issue and shouldn't present any long-term issues for the young phenom. But until he returns, which should be sooner rather than later, the Mariners will have to piece together an infield without one of their most consistent performers as of late.

The Mariners and San Diego Padres take the field at Safeco on Friday night at 7:10 p.m. For the latest on the Mariners, head over to Lookout Landing.