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Plaxico Burress Released From Prison, But Would He Fit With Seattle Seahawks?

A little less than two years after Plaxico Burress entered prison, he's a free man and the NFL may come knocking on his door soon. Burress' off-filed troubles are well-documented, and an accidental shooting landed him in jail. Burress shot himself in the leg after a gun in his waistband slipped and went off, and the cover-up that followed only compounded matters. A later search of his home netted the New York Giants wide receiver a felony gun possession charge, as well as a charge of reckless endangerment.

Following his sentencing on Sept. 22, 2009, Burress has spent just under 20 months in prison, serving time for the gun charges that derailed his NFL career. On Monday morning, though, Burress became a free man, and the attention immediately turned to an NFL comeback. Despite his time away from the game, his physical tools are undeniable, and if Michael Vick is any indication, a player can succeed in the NFL following a prison stint, at least in the short-term.

Burress comes in the mold of Mike Williams, making him of a bit redundant in Seattle, though you can never have enough physical receivers in the mix. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has already shown a propensity for taking on reclamation projects in his short tenure in Seattle, including the aforementioned Williams. On the character side, Seattle may be a soft landing spot for Burress, but is he needed?

Interestingly enough, Williams himself chimed in on the subject on Monday morning. Showing the attitude he's forged while working his tail of in Seattle, Williams tweeted that he'd be happy to have Burress as a teammate, especially if it meant the Seahawks would have a better chance to win.

I'm all for Plax coming to Seattle.. He can even have #17.. I'm about winning and if he helps, send it!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Would it be surprising to see Burress turn-up in Seattle? Not at all. He seems to be the kind of player Carroll would take a chance on and the Seahawks still need help at wide receiver. Burress is worth a flier, and would likely come cheap as he's damaged goods. But if he can keep his off-field orders in line, Seattle might find immediate help in the form of another big, physical wide receiver.

We'll follow the situation as more unfolds, but expect to hear Burress' name connected to the Seahawks at some point, whenever the NFL lockout is resolved. For more on the Seahawks, head over to SB Nation's Field Gulls.