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NCAA 12 Player Ratings Released: Chris Polk, Jermaine Kearse Lead Washington Huskies

With the release of NCAA Football 12 just two weeks away, early looks at the new features, team rankings and player ratings are continuing to trickle out. Thanks to some handy video work, the player ratings for all Pac-12 schools, including newbies Utah and Colorado, are out, giving us a chance to pick them apart. As expected, the Washington Huskies are led by Chris Polk and Jermaine Kearse, HB #1 and WR #15, respectively. Both are ranked in the 90s overall, with Kearse listed at 96 speed.

Here's the video of the Pac-12 player ratings (via Kegs 'N Eggs).

The quarterback position isn't so hot, however. The absence of Jake Locker brings questions and the drop-off from the first-round draft pick to Keith Price and Nick Montana is significant. Price is listed at 82 overall while Montana is a 74. It's also interesting to note that Price and Montana are both listed at 79 speed, though Price has a slight edge in acceleration.

At the tight end spot, Austin Seferian-Jenkins is not on the default rosters, and must be added in after an early roster update. Typically, an intrepid user circumvents the system and creates a roster with actual names shortly after the game is released.

On the defensive line, Everette Thompson is a 77 overall at the left end spot and Hau'oli Jamora is an 83 overall on the other end of the line. Alameda Ta'amu is an 86 overall on the interior and Semisi Tokolahi, listed as a co-starter on the depth chart, is an 80.

Cort Dennison is the highest-rated defensive player on the Huskies roster, listed as an 89 overall in NCAA 12. Nate Fellner is close-behind at 88 overall from the free safety spot. Desmond Trufant and Quinton Richardson are both in the 80s, as well, with Trufant listed as an 83 and Richardson as an 82.

The Huskies impact players are Polk, Kearse and Dennison, which should come as no surprise.

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