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VIDEO: Tyson Wahl's Stunning Free Kick Against The New England Revolution

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It's hard to believe that Tyson Wahl was ever uncomfortable taking free kicks isn't it? The Sounders left back has forced his way into the first-choice role and though he's been strong in defense and an asset pushing forward, his set piece delivery is a huge reason why. The curling left-footed delivery from the big outside back has been a revelation all season, but up until now he'd not gotten on the score sheet, typically favoring to send in tough to track balls to his teammates, but he picked one heck of a way to notch his first MLS goal.

Wahl has been one of the few pleasant surprises for the Sounders this season, and this stunning equalizer put a charge into the Sounders and the crowd. The Sounders have struggled with set pieces throughout their history but they've been a serious danger this season and Wahl is a big reason why. He keeps doing stuff like this, we'll have to start calling him Roberto Wahl-los.

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