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Seattle Sounders Transfer Rumors: Prince Tagoe In Seattle For Sounders Talks?

The rumors surrounding the Seattle Sounders interest in Hoffenheim and Ghana striker Prince Tagoe have been swirling for a little over a week now, and today the chatter has kicked up a notch in terms of intensity as is reporting that Tagoe is in Seattle for talks with the club. While some of the details in the article are almost certainly false (such as the rumored $200,000 per week salary, a figure that would put him on par with Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez in terms of wages) Tagoe has been quoted as saying he has had an offer from the club.

One of the details of the article that gives this rumor a bit more plausibility is the as of yet unmentioned possibility that the Sounders have offered Tagoe a six-month loan deal as opposed to an outright purchase of the player from Hoffenheim. Jeremiah Oshan of Sounder at Heart has a post about this rumor and he tackles this aspect of the story specifically:

A six-month loan would seem to make a lot more sense than a full transfer, as Tagoe has reportedly already agreed to play for FC Basel of the Swiss league who supposedly paid a $9 million transfer to the Bundesliga's Hoffenheim. The Sounders have previously denied offering to pay the $200,000-a-week salary that Tagoe says he's been offered, but spread out over only six months, it's not quite so hard to fathom.

This is still most assuredly still in the realm of rumor and innuendo, but it's absolutely worth keeping an eye on. We will most certainly keep following this story, but for more check out Sounder at Heart and their ongoing coverage.