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Seattle Seahawks Holding Informal Workouts At Dempsey Indoor During NFL Lockout

The Seattle Seahawks have been mostly quiet during the NFL lockout, but on Thursday, we found out what they've been up to, thanks to the Seattle Times. According to a report, Justin Forsett has been organizing informal workouts at Dempsey Indoor, on the campus of the University of Washington, for the past two months. Players have been gathering four times a week in an informal setting to train in lieu of the typical activities that dot the spring and summer months during a typical NFL offseason.

The workouts are a bonding exercise, as well as a chance to learn the playbook, stay in shape and get some time practicing together as the NFL lockout drags on. The attendance has been growing, according to Percy Allen, and Thursday's session featured plenty of familiar faces.

Among those in attendance Thursday included quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, linebacker Aaron Curry, safety Lawyer Milloy, cornerbacks Jordan Babineaux and Kelly Jennings and former Washington linebacker Mason Foster, who was drafted by Tampa Bay this spring.

Matt Hasselbeck, who is not under contract, Marcus Trufant and many others have participated in the workouts, which have been held quietly for much longer than most expected. Without the use of the VMAC, the team's normal training facility, the Seahawks have had to improvise, though Dempsey Indoor provides them with an excellent resource and place to go through football-related workouts this offseason.

If you were wondering if the Seahawks were behind the curve as many other teams hold more highly-publicized workouts, fear not: the players are still getting work in during the lockout in an effort to prepare for the season, whenever the work-stoppage ends. You can find an update on the lockout, and the progress made this week, here.