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Venoy Overton Arrested For Promoting Prostitution, According To Report

Former Washington guard Venoy Overton is in trouble with the law again, according to a report from the Seattle Times on Thursday afternoon. Overton was reportedly arrested for investigation of promoting prostitution stemming from an incident that occurred in May. The report is short on details as of now, but the run-in is Overton's second in the past year, the first of which followed an unsavory incident involving a 16-year-old female who claimed she was sexually assaulted while under the influence of alcohol purchased by the Washington guard.

Here are the details on the latest arrest from the Seattle Times.

Overton was arrested in connection with the felony offense Thursday in South Seattle. The incident allegedly occurred in May. Police had probable cause to arrest Overton, who has not been charged with the offense, according to a source.

As part of his plea deal in the furnishing alcohol to minors case that stemmed from an investigation while he was still with the Huskies, Overton was required to stay out of trouble with the law for at least a year. If there is substance to this latest investigation, Overton could find himself in even more trouble as the first charge would warrant an immediate verdict -- the judge did not make a ruling the first time around, and Overton gave up his right to trial.

If the judge in the alcohol case does decide this latest arrest violates the agreement, Overton could face up to a year in jail.

We'll be back when more details become available, but this second arrest is troubling, to say the least.