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Chip Kelly On Cliff Harris Suspension: 'His Future Is Clearly In His Hands'

The Oregon Ducks released a statement confirming Cliff Harris' indefinite suspension on Wednesday afternoon, and included quotes from head coach Chip Kelly. The ruling was made independent of any legal or NCAA investigation, and appears to be more a result of Kelly's disappointment in Harris' actions than anything else. But Harris does have a chance to earn his way back onto the field, and the opportunity is in his hands.

Here is Kelly's statement, which comes from the press release provided by Oregon.

"Cliff’s future clearly is in Cliff’s hands," Kelly said. "Earning an opportunity to represent the University of Oregon and this football program certainly rests far beyond a player’s ability on the field of play. Our behavior out of the spotlight often is more important and will be held to a higher standard. Until Cliff is able to conform to the same standards all of us must comply with, his status will remain unchanged."

It sounds as though Harris' behavior will dictate when, or even if, he returns to the field, though playing against LSU in the opener is out of the question. Like he always has, Kelly will lay-out guidelines and a play for Harris, and it's up to the cornerback to follow through and show growth.

Kelly has always maintained college athletics is about more than what goes on the field, and has shown a willingness to give players chances as long as they take the initiative and put in the work necessary to grow. Harris will have that chance after making a dumb mistake, but it's up to him to better himself because of it. Until then, football takes a backseat.

We’ll have more on the Harris saga as it becomes available in this StoryStream. For more on the Ducks, head over to SB Nation’s Addicted to Quack.