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Ichiro Featured In Latest Grantland Article

Jay Caspian Kang, an accomplished sports writer and current editor of Bill Simmons’, wrote an intriguing piece about Ichiro that was posted today.

"I could watch Ichiro stretching in the on-deck circle and conjure the image of Jackie Robinson sliding home in 1947, but that association never brought hope, but rather a wariness that both told me that the association was wrong and that the only reason why I was cheering for Ichiro was because someone, something else had lumped us together."

(Via: Grantland)


While Ichiro’s performance has recently be scrutinized by local fans and media members alike, this piece serves as an escape from the current negativity surrounding the star.

Ichiro’s impact on the field is just one side of the story. Kang examines if people can truly say that Ichiro has had a cultural influence since he’s been in the major leagues.

The article is a little on the longer end, but like most pieces that have gone up on so far, it’s high-quality writing. Read it when you get a chance.