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Cliff Harris Failed To Appear Following Speeding Citation, Owes $614

On Sunday, Oregon cornerback Cliff Harris was clocked at 118 in a 65 mph while driving with a suspended license, earning a hefty speeding ticket and fine in the process. The speeding ticket carries a fine over $1,000 to go along with a fine for driving with a suspended license. It also wasn't the first time Harris has been clocked at a high rate of speed, and his license was suspended in both Oregon and California, where he resides, as a result.

But Harris' week got worse on Wednesday after an oversight led to a few more problems. According to the Register-Guard's Rob Moseley, Harris failed to appear by Tuesday for his ticket, and owes a significant amount of money.

Lesson learned? Not quite. Cliff Harris failed to appear by a Tuesday deadline for earlier speeding/suspended citations, owes $614.

It's been a hectic week for Harris following his citations. When news broke on Monday, it was quickly followed by word that the rental car he was driving was paid for by an Oregon employee, which would be an NCAA violation. However, the employee maintains she was paid the cost of the car for the days she loaned it out, which would not be an NCAA violation. But the rental car situation warranted an investigation, and Oregon is looking into whether any wrongdoing occurred.

We'll have more on the Harris saga, which still seems like much ado about a minor, albeit stupid, incident, in this StoryStream. For more on the Ducks, head over to SB Nation's Addicted to Quack.