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Cliff Harris At Center Of Oregon Investigation, Has Trouble With Speeding And Driving With Suspended License

The University of Oregon is looking into whether the employee who loaned Cliff Harris the rental car he was caught speeding in over the weekend committed an NCAA violation, with findings expected as early Tuesday. Harris was pulled over after being clocked at 118 in a 65 mph zone on Sunday and was cited for the infraction, as well as driving with a suspended license. But the rental car was not his own, and instead was loaned to him by an Oregon employee, which could constitute an NCAA violation.

The employee in question maintains she was paid the full price for the rental when loaning the car out to either Harris or one of the passengers in the car, and told the Oregon cornerback would not be driving. Harris has a bit of a history with speeding, and his license is suspended in both Oregon and California as a result, according to Rob Moseley of the Register-Guard.

For the background leading up to today's development, here's our report from today's editions on the Sunday traffic stop and Harris' extensive background of moving violations, including at least two new revelations: Harris, a native of Fresno, Calif., is not licensed to drive in either California or Oregon, and has been cited for speeding and driving without a license in Oregon no less than three times, including just last month.

Thus far, there's been no word on what kind of punishment Harris and Oregon face if an NCAA violation occurred. There's also been no word as to what, if any, punishment Harris faces from head coach Chip Kelly for speeding and driving with a suspended license. It's likely any discipline stemming from the moving violation will be doled-out in-house.

We'll have more on the investigation as it becomes available in this StoryStream. For more on the Ducks, head over to SB Nation's Addicted to Quack.