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NBA Charity Game Featuring Current, Former Players Set For July At Key Arena

We all know the odd relationship the city of Seattle has with the NBA at this point. Fans hate the league for what happened with the Sonics, but also want the NBA back in the city, creating an odd dynamic in the relationship. And finally, after three years away, the NBA will be in Seattle after approving a charity game set for July 23. It's not quite a new team, but it is a chance for the city to come out, remind the league it's still here and support a good cause.

The news comes from Q13 FOX, and features a few of the names expected to participate.

Almost a year in the making, the game will benefit A PLUS Youth Program. Some of the players that came by today to show their support for the game included Aaron Brooks, Spencer Hawes, Isaiah Thomas and Mike Dickerson.  More players will be announced in the coming weeks."

This is, by no means, a complete list, and with the rich basketball history in the city, you can expect more big names to attend. Nate Robinson, Jason Terry, Terrence Williams, Jon Brockman and many others are in the league now, and serve as ambassadors for the city. It wouldn't be surprising to see a plethora of Seattle-based players making a return to the city for a good cause.

So what can you do, or what should you do? Show up. Pack Key Arena to the rafters and wear your brightest green and gold. Show the NBA there's still an immense support system in Seattle and we want a team pack. Remind the NBA what it's missing, and how passionate the fan-base is here in the city.