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Alex Burrows Bites Patrice Bergeron In Game 1 Of Stanley Cup Finals

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The Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins got chippy from the start in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday night at Rogers Arena. The hits were flowing early and often, but it was Alex Burrows who was caught playing a little dirty as he bit Patrice Bergeron at the end of the first period. The two were tangled up with a referee in between them, but that didn't stop Burrows from trying to sneak a snack before the teams headed to the locker room.

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You've got to think this will draw some kind of punishment, but whether it's worthy of a suspension is up for debate. It's pretty obvious what Burrows is doing in the video, but there's no way his bite did any damage to Bergeron. The action, or attempt, deserves some kind of punishment, but suspending a player during the Stanley Cup Finals seems unlikely outside of a blatant dirty hit with intent to injure.

I'm left wondering why in the world would one try to bite through a hockey glove in the middle of a shoving match during the Stanley Cup Finals. Burrows had to know cameras were trained on him and there was no way to get away with trying to chomp down on Bergeron's finger. And biting? In a hockey game? If there's anything that deserves ridicule, it's certainly that.

Let Burrows wallow in his shame following the biting incident, hit him in the pocketbook and lets all act like this never, ever happened.