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Kentucky Derby 2011: Post Position Analysis Reveals Plenty About Contenders

While starting position matters quite a bit in the Kentucky Derby, and on the inside-half of the gates is historical more favorable, there's much more to the equation than just the post draw. An outside draw isn't necessarily a death-blow to a horse's chances, and much depends on the type of horse and the race it prefers. So while it may look like a few of the contenders -- namely Uncle Mo, Soldat and Nehro -- received unfavorable draws, the opposite may be true.

And Down The Stretch They Come's Matt Gardner took a look at the post draw on Wednesday and compared the racing style of many of the contenders to their starting position. For example, Uncle Mo is in the No. 18 spot, but his starting position may be less of a factor than one would imagine.

Uncle Mo is okay at #18, but he could get caught a bit wide in that first turn and I think that could be his biggest issue.  At the end of the day, if Uncle Mo doesn't win I don't think it will be because of the draw, I think it will be because of his fitness

Jockey Calvin Borel has been a stud in the Kentucky Derby and drew the No. 3 starting position with Twice The Appeal. Gardner had a word of advice for the rest of the field, drawing upon lessons learned in Borel's impressive streak that includes wins in three of the last four derbies.

Jockey Calvin Borel, who is riding 3-Twice the Appeal and has won the Derby three out of the last four years, will be down inside once again. If the riders give him the rail again this year they should all be banned from the sport!

It's an interesting read and gives great insight into how the contenders like to run and how their post positions may affect them. Check it out over at SB Nation's horse racing blog.

We'll find out whether it matters in the 2011 Kentucky Derby as the horses take to the starting gates on Saturday at Churchill Downs. Stay with our 2011 Kentucky Derby StoryStream for previews, odds and analysis up to and throughout the derby. For more on the race, head over to SB Nation's Kentucky Derby StoryStream or check out And Down The Stretch They Come.