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Tyson Coleman, Freshman Oregon Linebacker, Arrested Thanks To Four Loko

When wandering the streets of Eugene as a freshman on the Oregon football team, it's probably not the best idea in the world to be carrying a can of Four Loko. Tyson Coleman is new to the world of college having recently graduated high school early to enroll at Oregon in time for the Ducks' spring practice, but he's already learned a valuable lesson after being arrested for ditching the Loko and bolting from police.

Addicted to Quack, take it away (via SB Nation's Holly Anderson).

Oregon freshman linebacker Tyson Coleman had a good weekend, until he ran into the police, and then he made some very bad decisions. He was stopped after carrying an unopened can of Four Loko, then proceeded to throw the can and run from the police after he couldn't produce identification. While this wasn't the smartest move by Coleman, it's tough to get too worked up about this. Chip Kelly is "deeply concerned," but I don't imagine will see anything more than internal punishment.

College kids and Four Loko can be a deadly combination. On the plus side, at least he was smart enough to avoid carrying an open can of the drink.