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Kent Predators Become Seattle Timberwolves In The Middle Of The Season

I'm not sure I've ever seen a professional sports team completely rebrand itself in the middle of the season, but that's exactly what happened to the Kent Predators this year. The Predators, an indoor football team based out of the Showare Center in Kent, suddenly became the Seattle Timberwolves after just four games this season, complete with a new coaching staff, logo and altered uniforms. The action stemmed from a change of ownership after the previous group struggled in only its second season.

Below is the report from Q13's Aaron Levine.


The change comes with an added emphasis on marketing, highlighted by the new branding effort put in place by the new ownership. The Timberwolves are reaching out to the Kent community in an effort to let people know who they are while encouraging fans to come out and see them play.

Thus far, the drastic changes appear to be working -- the Timberwolves are 3-2 since the change and Jeremiah Captain, the player interviewed for the report, seems to be happy with the ownership group. You can find more on the Timberwolves, including the 2011 season schedule, here.