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Olu Ashaolu, Oregon Basketball Transfer, Becomes Smitten With Pancakes

We all think of the glamorous facilities, Phil Knight and audacious uniforms when we think of the Oregon Ducks. The basketball team just moved into its new digs, a state-of-the-art arena with a price-tag that stretches well into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and the football locker rooms are on-par with NFL facilities. Any of the above reasons would be enough to justify transferring or committing to Oregon, but how much does it matter to recruits? If Olu Ashaolu, Oregon's newest basketball transfer, is to be believed, it's less about the facilities and more about the ... pancakes?

Here's your money quote, which came in response to a question from Duck Territory regarding what stood out the most during his visit to Oregon.

"I actually really liked the breakfast we had one time there," said Ashaolu. "I think we went to this place called The Original House of Pancakes and it was the best food I’ve had in a long time."

Yes, he chose Oregon over Texas, in part because of a pancake house. Just goes to show we have no idea what goes on in recruiting and why a player makes up their mind.