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Mark Rypien's Daughter To Play Quarterback For Seattle Mist In Lingerie Football League

Angela Rypien, daughter of WSU legend Mark Rypien, is following in the footsteps of her famous father, though she's doing it with a bit of a twist. The younger Rypien is all set to take the field as a quarterback, but she'll be wearing a little less gear than her father did in his playing days. The good news: Rypien will be playing professionally. The twist to the news: She'll be playing in her underwear.

According to a report from KREM News in Spokane, Angela will suit up for the Seattle Mist, a lingerie football team based out of Kent.

That offspring is his daughter, Angela, who will play quarterback for the Seattle Mist lingerie football team. That's according to published reports, although the Mist website has not been updated to reflect Rypien's addition

It may seem as though the league is just a lengthy peep show, but there are some legitimate elements. Players still wear shoulder pads and gear, and many do hit like a ton of bricks. It's an interesting decision by Rypien and I do wonder what her father thinks. If nothing else, the Mist made a brilliant move from a public relations standpoint.

The Seattle Mist play their first home game on Nov. 6 at Showare Center in downtown Kent. For more on their team, check out their website, though be aware the front page does contain shots of team members in their uniforms.