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Mike Parker, Voice Of Oregon State Beavers, Gets Drunk, Eats A Napkin

Mike Parker, the play-by-play voice of the Oregon State Beavers, found himself in a bit of a pickle recently. You see, Parker found himself in a situation many of us have been in: Hammered in Denny's in the wee hours of the morning. And Parker was hungry while drunk, a side-effect of getting sloshed, leading to a serious comedic moment. Except Parker either mistook a napkin for food or was too hungry to wait, so he preceded to take his fork out and go to town, gobbling up the napkin like it was a fine cut of meat while properly using his utensils.

And it was all caught on tape. This may be the weirdest, yet funniest, video you see all day (via The Bald Faced Truth)

This is, indeed, Mike Parker, as well. John Canzano, a columnist for the Oregonian and radio host down in Oregon, confirmed the man's identity on Tuesday. Parker has some explaining to do and will meet with the higher-ups at Oregon State before speaking to Canzano on Wednesday. What a meeting that will be.

Mike Parker confirms that he's the guy in the video eating the napkin. He's embarrassed, and meeting w OSU. He'll come on 95.5-FM tomorrow. Source at OSU says they'll stand by him. I don't have issue with that. Feel bad for Parker. He says he'll come on tomorrow's BFT to explain.

I actually do feel bad for the guy, but man ... eating a napkin? That's an impressive, new level of drunk.

Update: Parker explained the video and elaborated on some of the issues at play. You can find a few excerpts of the interview here.