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2011 NFL Draft Results: Getting To Know The Seattle Seahawks Picks

Beginning on Monday morning, we'll be getting to know all nine of the Seattle Seahawks' 2011 NFL Draft picks. The Seahawks didn't go for flash in this year's draft, instead choosing substance and finding players that fit the scheme and needs of the team going forward. Two offensive linemen -- James Carpenter and John Moffitt -- were taken in the first two days and the third day is one for the hardcore, with under-the-radar picks much more prevalent. As you can imagine, the Seahawks draft led to many "who is that?" questions.

So we'll be attempting to answer just who these nine players are and in what capacity they'll serve the Seahawks, both at present and in the future. The plan is to gather information, write scouting reports and include all the vital information needed to see where the Seahawks' draft class may fit in the grand scheme of the team. Because so many of the picks were passed over in many of the pre-draft evaluations, we'll try to spice it up with multimedia and pictures.

By the end of it all, we should have a better idea of what general manager John Schneider and Pete Schneider saw in the players they took in the 2011 NFL Draft. At the very least, we'll know who these players are, where they come from and what strengths and weaknesses they posses.

Check back with this StoryStream throughout the day on Monday as we unveil the Seahawks 2011 NFL Draft class in a more in-depth way. For a quick look at the picks, check out our first and second round StoryStream and our third day StoryStream. For even more on the draft and the Seahawks picks, head on over to Field Gulls, where Danny Kelly has been poring over notes and evaluating the draft class.

Check out our 2011 NFL Draft grades to see some of the initial assessments of the class. For a look back on the draft that was, check out our 2011 NFL Draft StoryStream. Stay with us for more on the draft as it becomes available.