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NCAA Women's Final 2011: Unpredictability Best Defines Notre Dame, Texas A&M Matchup

Even if I can't actually decide who might win a game, I usually lean toward one or the other strongly enough on gut instinct.

But with tonight's game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Texas A&M, it feels like if they played 100 games, we still wouldn't actually be able to resolve much between these two teams.

In fact, in a 25-game siimulation between Notre Dame and Texas A&M, James Bowman of Swish Appeal has shown that based on the possession numbers, it's almost impossible to pick a clear winner.

Notre Dame vs. Texas A&M : The Simulated Version - Swish Appeal
Notre Dame's biggest win was by 18 points, a 74-56 victory. Texas A&M's biggest win was by 22 points, an 88-66 victory.

There were four wins out of the 25 that were by exactly one point. Notre Dame won each one of those. Out of these 25 games, 12 games were won by six points or less - in effect, almost half of the simulated games were decided by one or two possessions. ''

Even though Notre Dame won more games, the average margin of victory was in favor of Texas A&M by 1.48 points - when Texas A&M won, it won "bigger" than Notre Dame did.

The question will be which team will be able to better play as a team for 40 minutes in such an evenly matched game.

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