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NBA Playoffs, Nuggets Vs. Thunder Game 3: Sonicsgate Goes To Denver

This weekend, we'll be doing something a little different as we cover Game 3 of the NBA playoff series between the Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder. But why would we cover the Thunder, a team that invokes so many memories and still gets the blood of Seattle boiling? After all, our city and community still has a special hatred for Clay Bennett, owner of the Thunder, after the Seattle Sonics were taken away and re-branded.

The game is a subplot, and won't be the focus of our coverage. Instead, we'll be following the Sonicsgate journey to Denver. The Sonicsgate put out a call about a week ago, asking fans to send in donations in an effort to raise enough money to fund a trip to Denver. Sonics fans answered and the necessary funding limit was hit, allowing Sonicsgate to make the trip and bring awareness to the cause.

Since releasing the Sonicsgate documentary, the producers have made it their mission to keep the Sonics alive and bring an NBA team back to Seattle. It's not just a documentary. Sonicsgate has become a movement and a rallying cry for fans in Seattle who miss the Sonics and want a team back.

On Saturday, Sonicsgate will be at it again, decked out in green and gold in Denver as the Nuggets and Thunder go at it. They'll be at the arena, with prime seats and maximum visibility in front of a national audience.

Stay with this StoryStream as we chronicle the journey this week. We'll be back with much more on Sonicsgate, the trip to Denver and what the crew plans to do during the NBA playoffs. You see the documentary and find out more about the cause at the Sonicsgate website.