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Seattle Seahawks 2011 Schedule To Be Released Tuesday Afternoon

We know the Seattle Seahawks 2011 opponents, including home and away games, but on Tuesday we'll find out dates, times and more as the NFL schedule is released. At 4 p.m. Pacific, the NFL will roll out schedules for all 32 teams, including prime-time and Monday night football games. We'll get a better idea of the TV schedule, as well as Thanksgiving games, special events and those ever-important week 17 matchups.

The strength of schedule is determined by order of finish in 2010, with playoffs teams facing a more loaded schedule than not. By that theory, the Seahawks will have a tougher road to follow after inching into the playoffs and taking down the New Orleans Saints before falling to the Chicago Bears in the 2010 playoffs.

Here are the Seahawks' 2011 opponents (via Field Gulls)

Arizona Cardinals
St Louis Rams
San Francisco 49'ers
Philidelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinatti Bengals

Arizona Cardinals
St Louis Rams
San Francisco 49'ers
Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Chicago Bears
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers

We'll be back with more on the schedule as it's released, including quick analysis of the Seahawks opponents, game times and any prime-time games the Seahawks may be awarded, if at all. Stay with our Seattle Seahawks schedule StoryStream for more as it becomes available. For everything Seahawks, head over to SB Nation's Field Gulls.