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Nike, WSU To Unveil New Cougar Uniforms On Monday Night

It's Christmas in April for the Washington State University and on Monday night, the Cougars will unveil a wide-scale uniform redesign to the world in Spokane. Washington State athletic director Bill Moos has been working with Nike to re-brand the Cougars, and makeover the team's uniforms across the board. All of the Cougars' athletic programs are covered and the changes will standardize the colors, lettering and overall brand across the board.

Moos is using the redesign as a marketing opportunity, building a week of fundraising in Spokane around the football team's spring scrimmage on Saturday, with the uniform unveiling set to serve as the kickoff to a week full of events. As Washington State lags behind the rest of the Pac-12, Moos' biggest task in his year on the job has been building a base of boosters in an effort to boost donations and the athletic department's bottom line.

As for the uniforms themselves, expect to see a wealth of changes, both in combinations and the design itself. CougCenter has a preview of the new uniforms, though the athletic department has kept the designs out of the public light so far.

The most drastic change is the coloring, which I've been told will stand out and "pop" on the uniforms. Instead of the dull silver WSU has been sporting forever, the gray will be darker, more in-line with a charcoal color swatch. The crimson will be brighter as the Cougs move away from maroon and head more towards a lively crimson.

SWX will be streaming the event live, and CougCenter has all the details. We'll be back with more, including pictures of the new designs, shortly after 7 p.m.