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Seattle Mariners Opening Day 2011: Starters, Game Time, TV Information, Lineups

Major League Baseball's official Opening Day has passed, but the Seattle Mariners get the season started on Friday in Oakland as they take on the AL West rival Athletics at 7:05 p.m. For as tough as last season was, the Mariners have the chance to start fresh on Friday as ace, and 2010 Cy Young award winner, Felix Hernandez takes the mound. The slate is clean and it's time to let hope, optimism and good vibes take over as the Mariners take part in their own opening day on Friday night.

Here's the relevant information ahead of Friday night's game.

Pitching matchup: Felix Hernandez (SEA) vs. Trevor Cahill (OAK).

Lineups: Graham MacAree gave an excellent breakdown of the Mariners opening day lineup on Thursday. Ichiro leads the Mariners again this year, but plenty of fresh faces dot the lineup. Can it produce? We'll begin to find out on Friday night.

Game time: It's a late start for the Mariners and Athletics, with first pitch scheduled for 7:05 p.m. in Oakland.

Broadcast information: ROOT Sports, formerly known as Fox Sports Northwest, has the broadcast, and holds the Mariners' major television rights yet again this year. New year, same old FSN ... err, ROOT Sports.

For more on the game, stop by Lookout Landing and Athletics Nation. You'll find a Mariners slant at Lookout Landing, and one of the best baseball writers around in Jeff Sullivan, and a look at the series through the opponent's eyes at Athletics Nation.

We'll be back with more as the game gets closer, including the A's lineup and any late changes.