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UW Hosts USC For Senior Night: Venoy Overton To Start Along With Bryan-Amaning, Holiday

With all the injuries UW has had this season, it's not exactly uncommon for senior guard Venoy Overton to find himself in the starting lineup.

So given that and Senior Night tradition, it's not much of a surprise that UW coach Lorenzo Romar will give Overton his fifth start of the season against USC tonight.

Notes: Venoy Overton will start on senior night | Washington Huskies Blog – your source for all UW sports news on - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
And per Romar tradition, all of his seniors will start, which means Venoy Overton will have his name called alongside fellow seniors and season-long starters Justin Holiday and Matthew Bryan-Amaning. Romar didn’t say who Overton would be starting in place of, though it’s fairly obvious that he’ll slide into C.J. Wilcox’s spot.

After struggling through injuries of his own this season, it's a nice end to an up and down season.

And just in playing tonight, Overton and 6-foot-9 forward Matthew Bryan-Amaning will each leave a legacies of their own.

Worth Crying For: MBA, Holiday, Overton Ending Winning UW Careers - University of Washington Official Athletics Site
Overton and Bryan-Amaning will each end their careers with over 130 games played, just the fourth and fifth Huskies to play in that many games. Holiday, with 117 career games, would likely have joined them past 130 if he hadn't come down with mononucleosis during his freshman season and a staph infection in his knee as a sophomore.

MBA will leave as the No. 2 shot blocker in UW history. Overton will likely finish second or first in steals.


As for Holiday, if nothing else, Romar told reporters yesterday that he has quelled all doubts about whether the Huskies recruited him just to get his brother, Jrue, who left UCLA early for the NBA. And although Romar said that all three of them will have a shot to play professional basketball, it's Holiday who ranks highest among these three as the ninth best senior in this draft class.

And if one were to take bets on who's most likely to cry, that would probably be Holiday.