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NCAA Investigating Will Lyles, Baron Flenory, Not Oregon Ducks, According To Report

The NCAA has reportedly opened an investigation into Will Lyles and Baron Flenory, two men who run recruiting services with ties to recruits that landed at Oregon and other schools in the last few years. The investigation does not formally encompass Oregon or any of the other football programs, but instead is centered on Lyles and Flenory, along with the scouting services they were tied to. An earlier report by Yahoo! indicated the two men were paid upwards of $25,000 by the University of Oregon for services rendered and recruits the two had ties two ended up signing letters of intent with the Ducks.

According to a report by ESPN’s Joe Schad and Mark Schlabach, the NCAA is looking deeper into scouting services and how they charge institutions.

The NCAA has been exploring the involvement of third-parties in the football recruiting process, specifically in regard to coaches and others who affiliate themselves with 7-on-7 camps and also people who work for recruiting services that charge programs, according to sources.

The men have ties to players from Oregon, including Lache Seastrunk and LaMicahel James, as well as Auburn, Baylor, USC and other programs spanning the country.

The NCAA is looking to crack down on scouting services and 7-on-7 camps that charge schools for the service while showcasing recruits. NCAA president Mark Emmert said the NCAA is looking to close loopholes and develop rules to deal with those associated with scouting services, including advisors and agents.

While the investigation isn’t focusing on the schools themselves right now, it’s possible it heads that direction if it’s found Lyles, Flenory or others established an improper relationship.

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