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Spanish Announcer Witnesses Crazy Basketball Finish, Loses Voice And Mind

Every so often a play happens in sports that makes everyone talk. When those moments come, it is made infinitely better when an announcer gives a great call to accompany it. Recently, we had one of those moments.

On March 19th, Real Madrid and Unicaja Malaga were facing off in a Spanish Euroleague matchup. With 40 seconds left in, what I assume is, the first overtime, Unicaja Malaga was up 63-62. At that point, both teams started going insane. They traded crazy three-pointers, block shots, and out of bounds saves, until Real Madrid hit a deep shot to, seemingly, win the game with only four seconds to play. The Spanish announcer for the game calls the action (in Spanish, of course) and goes just as crazy as the play on the court. You may not understand what he's saying, but you don't have to.

Check out this video after the break. Believe me, you do not want to miss this.

  (via dikepolid)

Let's get this guy over to do March Madness on CBS. Even in Spanish, he's bound to be better than Verne Lundquist.