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NCAA Bracket 2011 Predictions: Sweet 16 Bracket Predictions And Beyond

By now, many NCAA brackets are in shambles after favorites fell and underdogs prevailed on the first weekend of March Madness. No. 1 seed Pitt, a trendy Final Four pick out of the Southeast region, is out of the NCAA Tournament after Butler pulled a last-second upset on Saturday. The Southwest region is also a mess with Kansas, the No. 1 seed, and four double-digit seeds advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

With so many brackets destroyed, it's probably time to rethink some of the NCAA bracket predictions ahead of the next round. Sure, the initial bracket competitions are fun, but with so many drawing near-dead, Sweet Sixteen competitions are sprouting up as fans start anew.

Grab a printable bracket with the latest updates and get to work filling it out again. Our old picks can be found in our NCAA Tournament bracket predictions StoryStream. Feel free to laugh, cry or shout obscenities while looking those over.

In the meantime, we'll be updating our predictions from the Sweet Sixteen to the National Championship in this StoryStream throughout the day. To get caught up with the happenings from March Madness, check out our NCAA Tournament results StoryStream.