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MLS First Kick 2011, Seattle Sounders Vs. LA Galaxy: Fredy Montero Already Looking Hot

It's fifteen minutes into MLS First Kick, with the L.A. Galaxy at Seattle Sounders, and there's at least one thing that we've learned so far: Fredy Montero is hot. Whether it's appearance or his actual play, the Colombian needed just a few minutes on the field to make it clear that he'll be making quite an impression on the league this year.

First of all, Seattle has adopted Adidas TechFit jerseys -- the same sort of kits that France wore in the World Cup when everyone accused them of painting on their shirts. Well, Montero has apparently done the same and it's clear that the forward has been working out in the offseason. Fredy, you're quite welcome to model those Sounders kits.

Of course, there's no point in a player having a sizzling appearance if his current skills can't back up his looks (David Beckham, I'm looking at you). But in Montero's case, before 10 minutes had passed, he'd shown the world that he's about more than just a pretty physique. Montero sent in a long range shot that forced the Galaxy keeper, Josh Saunders, into his first save.

Welcome back, Fredy. Welcome back, MLS.