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MLS First Kick 2011, Seattle Sounders Vs. L.A. Galaxy: Sounders Fans Hopes High

The 2011 MLS season begins on Tuesday night for the Seattle Sounders and L.A. Galaxy at Qwest Field. The Sounders and Galaxy received the MLS First Kick honors this year, serving as ambassadors for the game on a live ESPN broadcast. It’s a game filled with star-power — six designated players between the two rosters — and an atmosphere that’s second-to-none.

The Sounders are ready for action, but the fans are, as well. Sounder At Heart’s Dave Clark summed up the fans’ hopes for the season this morning ahead of Tuesday night’s First Kick.

It begins tonight with another whistle. With a roar. With a boom. This is the most anticipated season in MLS history except for the first. It is a league looking to its North and its West. It is a league seeing many greens and blues. We are but one of those teams. We, Sounders are the eldest of our Cascadia brothers. We will lead with trophies.

Check out the rest and head over to Sounder at Heart throughout the day for wall-to-wall coverage of First Kick. It begins tonight at 6:30 p.m., live on ESPN.