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Women's NCAA Tournament Bracket Dallas Region: Baylor, Texas A&M Get One And Two


The first big surprise of Selection Monday came early.

In a somewhat odd turn of events, the committee chose to place Big XII schools Baylor and Texas A&M in the Dallas region as one and two seeds.

Baylor has already beaten TAMU three times this season, although the Aggies played their in-conference competitors tightly.

The bracket sets up a potential second round matchup between Baylor and Houston in an all-Texas battle with Baylor facing Prairie View A&M in the first round.

Also in the region as an intriguing first round matchup is a meeting between mid-majors Wisconsin - Green Bay and University of Arkansas - Little Rock in Wichita, Kansas. UALR played in a Thanksgiving tournament at Seattle University this year and likes to play an uptempo style led by a potential WNBA draft pick in Chasity Reed as well as a pair of guards who can play aggressive pressure defense.