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2011 Super Bowl Commercials: Volkswagen Darth Vader Kid Already Wins The Week

Almost as big as the Super Bowl itself are the commercials that pair with the game. Instead of using the break in the action to grab a drink, go to the bathroom or walk away from the TV, the Super Bowl is a rare event where viewers stick around solely for the commercials. With 30-second spots costing companies millions, they get one chance to blow viewers socks off, leading to incredible creativity.

One company has already won the day before it begins, putting out a creative spot and leaking it well before the game itself. The ad, which many have already seen comes from Volkswagen, and features an adorable Darth Vader kid looking to show of the force.

Observe and be amazed (via Rob Neyer at SB Nation)

As someone, I believe it was CNBC's Darren Rovell, said on Twitter, it's one thing to win the Super Bowl ad-war, it's another to win the whole week. Volkswagen did just that, destroying the competition by running a one-minute version of the Super Bowl commercial on Youtube early in the week.

The result was a viral video with over 11 million views before the game even begins. It was brilliant marketing and execution that was incredibly well-received by the public.

Will it translate into sales? That much is unknown, but it has put Volkswagen's name out there and generated a ton of buzz before the multi-million dollar spot airs on Sunday. In that respect, it's mission accomplished -- and accomplished to perfection.

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