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Portland Timbers Preseason Win Is Their First As An MLS Side

The Portland Timbers, who remain undefeated during the preseason, recorded their first win since becoming part of Major League Soccer, triumphing over the Montreal Impact 1-0 on February 23. Eddie Johnson grabbed the goal in the seventh minute after trialist Roberto Merino lofted the up the right side for him to head past Impact keeper Evan Bush.

Portland coach John Spencer is adamant that, although this might be preseason, the Timbers victory is significant, a boost to morale for the team and necessary to instill a winning mentality at the club. Spencer said, "It doesn’t matter who we’re playing against, we have to go out and win the game," which I suppose means that the Timbers aren't planning to be the Fulham of MLS.

Spencer continues to tinker with the team's lineup, adding and subtracting players both to see who might earn a starting position and who will even earn a place on the roster. Will the likes of Chris Taylor and Quavas Kirk make the squad? Spencer Thompson? Will the Timbers sign Jorge Perlaza? We'll know by March 1.