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No Wins For Seattle Sounders When Facing Texan Teams Early In The Week

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The Seattle Sounders have had a busy early part of the week, playing FC Dallas on Monday, February 21 and Houston Dynamo on February 22. I'm unsure as to why the Texas teams need to go hang in the Florida sunshine, but apparently it's just a big traveling party down in the Southern states.

The Sounders fell to Dallas 2-0, with goals by Martin Chavez and Break Shea. Each team used a mix of regulars and youngsters, although Dallas used what will likely be close to their starting XI in the first half, when both goals were scored, while Seattle reserved much of its strength for the second half.

Seattle then took on Houston, coming from behind to salvage a 2-2 draw. This time, the team had most of their starters on the field from the beginning, but remember, it's still preseason, so don't panic too much. Fredy Montero hit the post before scoring on a penalty kick, while rookie Michael Tetteh combined well with Roger Levesque before netting the equalizer.

Next up for the Sounders, it's the University of Central Florida. That friendly is scheduled for February 24, with Seattle taking on Chicago on February 26.