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Trevor Bayne Earns $1.46 Million With Daytona 500 Win; Revives Wood Brothers Racing

Trevor Bayne made a lot of people happy on Sunday as he took home the $1.46 million prize for winning the Daytona 500, all at 20 years old. Bayne, who's about as green as they come in the world of NASCAR, is seeing green for a different reason after the big payday as he suddenly was thrust into the spotlight with a win in the biggest race of them all in only his second career start.

Though he won't be taking home the full-share of that $1.46 million, Bayne is still in line to see a significant financial windfall. According to SB Nation's Jeff Gluck, Bayne likely pocketed around $480,000, with his team divvying up the rest as is customary in NASCAR. For a Wood Brothers Racing Team that wasn't even full-time, Bayne's win should go a long way toward boosting the team back into full-time racing.

Gluck also had the story of Wood Brothers Racing, who have a story just as great as Bayne. The team is one of NASCAR's oldest, but had to cut back to a partial schedule in 2009 after its finances declined. The win was Wood Brothers' fifth in the Daytona 500, and first since 1976, a long draught, to be sure. Now, with the bulk of Bayne's purse in their pockets, it's possible Wood Brothers, and Bayne himself, can afford to take-on a few more races, perhaps resurrecting the team.

In one day, with a greenhorn behind the wheel, Wood Brothers hit the jackpot. For Bayne, his short-term financial future is secure, even before endorsements come rolling in. It's amazing how everything can change in the matter of hours as a relative unknown shoots into the spotlight on NASCAR's biggest stage.

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