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Lane Kiffin, Tennessee Face NCAA Charges Stemming From Recruiting Violations

Remember when Lane Kiffin spent a short stint in the SEC before bolting to USC ahead of the 2010 season? You know, when Kiffin stirred up all sorts of trouble with his fun-filled recruiting techniques and barbs at other coaches, including Florida head coach Urban Meyer? On signing day, the NCAA has reportedly decided to drop the hammer, hitting Kiffin, now with the Trojans, and Tennessee with charges stemming from improper contact with recruits.

According to Fanhouse, failure to monitor is the charge, resulting from a hostess program -- Orange Pride -- employed during recruiting.

All of these charges stem from the coaches' tumultuous one-year reign in Knoxville and involve improper contact with recruits. While the university's Orange Pride program -- a group that was disbanded in 2010 in the wake of the NCAA investigation into its activities -- has received most of the media attention, the NCAA's investigation into improper contacts was much more wide- ranging and includes alleged violations that do not implicate the hostess program at all.

It's unknown what it means for Kiffin and the Vols, but the investigation process just wrapped up and the parties involved have 90 days to respond. Kiffin is now at USC, where he faces intense scrutiny in the wake of the Reggie Bush investigation that resulted in heavy sanctions from the NCAA. Kiffin played no part in that, but the Trojans are already on shaky footing and can ill-afford anymore negative press.

Stay tuned for more on Kiffin's fate and what it may mean for USC and the Pac-12 as news becomes available.