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Bud Shootout 2011: Jeff Burton Leads At The Break, Kasey Kahne In The Garage

The first 25 laps at the Bud Shootout at Daytona International Speedway are in the books, with drivers taking a 10 minute intermission as customary with the event. Jeff Burton led the most laps in the first half, with 12, and has the lead at the break, as well. Kevin Harvick is in second-place, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. lurking close-behind in third. Kasey Kahne had engine trouble early in the race and headed to the garage after a brief stint in the pits.

It’s an odd sight at Dayton with drivers pairing up in the draft. Instead of a large pack, we’re seeing 10 pairs of two cruising around the track, a product of the restrictor plates and aerodynamics of the car. While the bump drafting may not be as exciting as the big pack, the amount of driving skill on display is interesting to see, with drivers using precision technique to stay in the draft. The result has been speeds regularly in excess of 200 miles per hour, topping out at 206 in the first 25 laps.

Drivers are in a 10-minute intermission before heading back onto the track for the final 50 laps at Daytona. For more on the race, check out SB Nation’s Bud Shootout StoryStream and live-chat.