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Brandon Roy Retires Due To Knee Injuries

Portland Trailblazers Brandon Roy will likely seek a medical retirement due to his surgically repaired knees, according to multiple reports.

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In a sad day for NBA and Portland Trailblazer fans alike comes the news that Brandon Roy will likely seek a medical retirement due to a career-ending knee injury, bringing his relatively short basketball career to an end.

Roy, 27, has had three surgeries over the past 18 months on his knees and came back a bit prematurely at the end of last season to help the Blazers push for the playoffs, but would eventually fall to the Dallas Mavericks in the first round, effectively ending their run. The early return certainly didn't help Roy's health at all, and after some etime to think about it now will likely seek medical retirement.

With a medical retirement instead of a retirement-retirement Roy will still get his $64 million he's owed over the next four years, but the salary will come off of the Blazers' salary cap starting next season. Portland will also not have to use the amnesty clause on Roy either. If he decided on a return within a year, his cap hit would return to the Blazers' payroll.

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