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NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: Seahawks Gain Some Respect, Chase Playoffs

The Seattle Seahawks are hanging onto their slim playoff hopes and the Power Rankings have noticed.

‘Tis the nature of the NFL that the Seattle Seahawks find themselves still in the playoff hunt after all they've been through.

The nation's Power Rankings are well aware of this surprising fact and mostly gave the Seahawks their proper due. Some more than others but still, the fact that the outlook is positive when it looked like the Seahawks would go the season still trying to figure out what their identity was, it's good to see that things finally look to be heading in the right direction - that direction not being down.

Sportsline kept the Seahawks in the no. 22 spot for the second straight week but pointed out just how hard it is to believe that the Seahawks sit in their current position, even at 5-7. ESPN mentioned how the Seahawks remaining schedule bodes well to their long-shot playoff hopes and moved the Seahawks up five spots to no. 19, a reward for smacking the Eagles, 31-14. SBNation kept the Seahawks in the no. 21 spot but again, were shocked to think that this team could possibly end up at or close to .500.